Other Staff and Volunteers


Radio Announcer

  Shawn Mullin

Educational Coordinator

  Tracey Martin

Billet Coordinator

  Tana Audette

Hockey Hounds President

  Rick Kettler

Public Address Announcer

  Cam Krell

In-Stand Announcers

  Candace Woodside

Team Photographer

  Darwin Knelsen

Team Statistics

  Pat Gerwing

Website Design


Media & Scout Room

  George Bowditch

Team Dentist

  Dr. David Stock

Team Physician

  Dr. Rizqi Ibrahim
Team Chiropractor   Dr. Kevyn Kristmanson
Team Physiotherapy Clinic   Swift Current Physical Therapy
Video Editing  

Jim Squires, Aaron Bakus, Derek Murdoch

Video Score Clock Production  

Christian Moulding, Greg Olson
and Robbie Snooks